Payment Plans

Payment Program

Budget Payment Plan

Heating bills that are predictable and manageable

With energy prices higher than ever, fitting a propane bill into your monthly budget can be a challenge – especially in the winter, when fuel deliveries and holiday spending are more frequent. For this reason, we offer our Budget Payment Plan.

The Budget Payment Plan spreads out your annual propane costs into even monthly payments so that every payment is easy and manageable. Payments can be made via check, debit card or credit card. We also offer automatic payments through your credit card or fund transfer from your bank.

*Anyone not on a Greene’s Gas Price Protection Plan will receive market rate pricing.


Pre-Buy Payment Plan

Purchase your annual supply of fuel while rates are lowest

With the Pre-Buy Payment Plan, you purchase your annual supply of propane during the summer, when the pricing is usually lower. The enrollment period is typically June 1-30, though some extensions of this date may be available.

Once you decide to lock in your price, simply let us know how much propane you’d like to secure (a minimum of 300 gallons is required). Payment is due in full by June 30.

After your purchase, we’ll store your fuel and deliver it automatically as you need it. If you purchased more fuel than you needed, you’ll receive a credit toward the next year’s plan. If you didn’t order enough, we will continue to deliver fuel at the current market rate.

*Anyone not on a Greene’s Gas Price Protection Plan will receive market rate pricing.


Net 30 Payment Plan

Pay your heating bill at 30 days

If you need some time from the delivery to pay your bill, consider the Net 30 Payment Plan.

Place a credit card on file with us, and if payment is not received within 30 days, we will automatically bill your card.

* This program offers market rate pricing.